Power video cable

  • Model : XC-0004-B-5/10/20/30M
  • Summarize : The power video cable includes video signal lines, audio signal lines, power lines, and ground lines. It is widely used in security monitoring in fields such as automobiles, high-speed rail, aviation, ships, and power. It usually adopts environmentally friendly insulating PVC material as the outer sheath, which has good waterproof performance and high-temperature resistance.
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Low-impedance oxygen-free pure copper inner core, with excellent conductivity. 

Video signal wrapped and shielded, for anti-interference.

Environmentally friendly insulating PVC Material is used as the outer sheath, with good waterproof and high-temperature resistance properties. 

The 4-core phosphor bronze aerospace connector plug tail wire is formed by double inside and outside injection molding, which is strong and durable and resistant to swing and tensile force. 


4-pin female header connects with 4-pin aerospace male header. 

Length: 10 meters * φ5 (15M / 20M / 30M optional). 

The internal power ground wire is 24# single wire, and the audio wire is 26# single wire. 

The internal video line should be a single-strand braided shielded line or RG-179-75 braided coaxial line. 

The color of all cables shall be subject to the drawings.

Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ to + 80 ℃. 

Cable internal resistance: positive and negative wires ≤ 2 Ω, audio ≤ 3 Ω, video ≤ 3 Ω.