Freight Truck Backup Camera System Solutions

Freight Truck Blind Spot Detection(BSD) Problems

  1. Inner Wheel Differential Blind Zone: When a large truck is turning, the turning radius of the front inner wheel and the rear inner wheel are not the same, forming a crescent-shaped area known as the "death crescent". This area can easily involve pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles, causing serious accidents.

  2. Front blind spot: Although the body of the big truck is tall, but close to the position of the body there is a clear visual blind spot. About 2 meters long and 1.5 meters wide in front of the big truck belongs to the blind zone.

  3. Rear blind spot: large trucks do not have a rear windshield, directly behind the full blind spot. Pedestrians, non-motorized vehicles or other motorized vehicles are completely invisible to the driver when they appear behind.

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