Sea Ports Backup Camera System Solutions

Sea Ports Blind Spot Detection(BSD) Problems

Blind zone problems in harbor machinery are areas that operators cannot directly observe when operating large machinery and equipment, which can lead to safety hazards and inefficiencies.

Blind zone pain points include the following aspects:

  1. Safety hazards: the blind zone is an area that the operator cannot directly see, there may be pedestrians, vehicles or other obstacles, prone to collisions or accidents, posing a threat to the safety of staff and equipment.

  2. Inefficient work: Blind zones affect the operator's full understanding of the work environment, which may result in extra time and effort required by the operator when adjusting positions or performing tasks, reducing operational efficiency.

  3. Equipment Damage: Since the operator cannot clearly see what is going on in the blind zone, it is easy for equipment to collide with obstacles, resulting in damaged or even destroyed equipment, increasing maintenance costs and downtime.

  4. Personnel safety: pedestrians or other staff may also be present in the blind zone, and the lack of control over the blind zone can easily lead to pedestrian injuries or crushing hazards.

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