Airport vehicles Backup Camera System Solutions

Airport vehicles Blind Spot Detection(BSD) Problems

In airport operations, monitoring vehicle blind spots is an important and challenging task. Here are some major pain points:

Complex traffic environment: Airports are busy with various vehicles (such as aircraft tugs, shuttle buses, cargo trucks, luggage carts, etc.) and pedestrians, which increases the difficulty of blind spot monitoring. The large size of aircraft and heavy equipment can easily create blind spots.

Integration of multiple monitoring devices: Different types of monitoring devices (such as cameras, radar, LiDAR, etc.) need to be integrated to provide comprehensive monitoring. This involves issues of equipment compatibility and data integration.

Real-time monitoring and alerting: Real-time acquisition and processing of monitoring data to promptly detect potential dangers and issue warnings requires high technical standards and system response speeds.

Data transmission and processing: The transmission and processing of large amounts of monitoring data require efficient networks and powerful computing capabilities, especially during peak periods when data volume can increase sharply. Data storage and management are also challenges, particularly the need to store data for long periods for post-event analysis.

Adverse weather and environmental impacts: The complex airport environment is easily affected by weather (such as rain, fog, snow) and lighting conditions (such as nighttime or strong light), which can affect the effectiveness of monitoring devices.

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