Forklift Trucks Backup Camera System Solutions

Forklift Trucks Blind Spot Detection(BSD) Problems

  1. Blind spot of cargo stacking: When the cargo is stacked high, the driver's vision will be blocked by the cargo, and he can't see the top of the cargo stacking directly.

  2. Cargo rollover to hit people: because the forklift driver may be limited by the field of vision in the operation process, unable to see the full situation of the goods, which may lead to cargo rollover in the operation, hitting the nearby personnel.

  3. Pallet loss: Due to the structure and size of the forklift truck itself, as well as the placement of the pallet and the height of the goods, the forklift driver may be limited by his field of vision during operation and may not be able to see the full picture of the pallet, which may result in damage to the pallet during operation.

  4. Rear field of vision blind zone: When the operator operates the forklift, due to the structure of the forklift, the height of the cargo, the placement of the cargo, etc., the operator is unable to fully observe the situation of the cargo and the surrounding environment through the rearview mirror. This situation may lead to accidents such as cargo damage and casualties.

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