Agricultural Vehicles Backup Camera System Solutions

Agricultural Vehicles Blind Spot Detection(BSD) Problems

Agricultural vehicle visual blind spot pain points are areas of insufficient visual recognition or inability to be covered by an agricultural vehicle while traveling or operating, which can lead to a number of problems or challenges, including:

  1. Pedestrian and Animal Safety Risks: Agricultural vehicles may have blind zones while traveling or operating that do not fully recognize pedestrians, animals, and other obstacles in their surroundings, increasing pedestrian and animal safety risks.

  2. Failure to Detect Terrain Obstacles: The visual blind spots of agricultural vehicles may result in failure to detect terrain obstacles such as ditches, potholes, etc. in a timely manner, increasing the risk of vehicle rollover or damage.

  3. Failure to recognize crops or obstacles: During operation, the visual blindness of an agricultural vehicle may result in failure to fully recognize crops or other obstacles, affecting the quality and efficiency of the operation.

  4. Operational Difficulties: Visual blind spots on agricultural vehicles may make it difficult for the operator to accurately control the vehicle, increasing operational difficulties and risks.

  5. Operational inefficiencies: Visual blind spots may prevent an agricultural vehicle from operating accurately, affecting the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the operation.

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