Construction Vehicles Backup Camera System Solutions

Construction Vehicles Blind Spot Detection(BSD) Problems

  1. Blind spots in the field of vision increase the risk of accidents: On construction sites, construction machinery vehicles often have many blind spots, such as behind the body, side and rear. These blind zones may hide obstacles or other workers, which will increase the risk of accidents if the driver does not have a clear field of vision. Installing 360 Around View system can provide drivers with all-round vision, so that they can clearly see the environment around the vehicle and reduce the safety hazards caused by blind spots.

  2. Low work efficiency: In the narrow site environment, the operation of construction machinery vehicles requires a high degree of accuracy and precision.

  3. Difficult to supervise the driving process: the driver's illegal operation, speeding, fatigue driving and other problems are difficult to be detected and corrected in time.

  4. Difficult to grasp the vehicle information: the real-time location and status of the vehicle is difficult to accurately grasp, the manager can not make reasonable scheduling and arrangement of the vehicle.

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