Cigarette lighter pole warning light DF-J-JY24-DM

  • Model : DF-J-JY24-DM
  • Summarize : Vehicle warning lights are widely used in various vehicles and industries, including municipal maintenance, transportation, construction machinery, construction sites, healthcare, firefighting, school buses, ships, aviation, factories, and other sectors. They are particularly essential in poor visual conditions such as rainy, foggy, or dark weather, as well as during nighttime when visibility is less than 50 meters. These lights serve to timely alert drivers of passing vehicles to pay attention to safety, providing warnings for special situations and helping to prevent economic losses. Therefore, there are certain technical specifications for the optical parameters, frequency, waterproofing, and other aspects of warning lights. Both the National Ministry of Transportation and the European Economic Commission (ECE) have implemented certification systems (R65/R10) for warning lights, requiring the corresponding certification mark (E-mark) to be imprinted on the products. International standard cigarette lighter power connector installation is quick and easy.
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  • The flash and shrink fixed pattern, the Flash Frequency: 2 Hz ≤ F ≤ 4 Hz meets the international standards of ECE R65 and SAE J845 Class1.

  • ECE R65 and SAE J845 Class1 international standards: 24-watt LED, combined with the special optical Lens of Fresnel to focus the light, the light intensity is greater than 280 cd (0 °), which plays the role of long-distance safety warning.

  • The thermal characteristic solution of the warning light LED: The modular integrated heat radiating structure design of the LED aluminum substrate, the LED aluminum alloy heat dissipation column and the aluminum base, combined with the LED constant current and constant voltage protection circuit, eliminates the influence of excessive temperature on the early light attenuation of the warning light, and realizes a shelf life of more than three years.

  • IP69K Waterproof Grade: The fully sealed and uniformly pressured patented design of the vehicle-mounted warning light is suitable for outdoor, rain, dust, high-pressure water flushing and other mechanical equipment vehicle safety warnings.
  • International universal cigarette lighter power connection plug, nylon flexible bracket is high temperature resistant and vibration resistant.
  • Built-in wide voltage DC10-32V circuit, polarity reverse connection protection circuit, and throw-load pulse voltage simulation protection circuit design avoid damage to the warning light due to improper use and vehicle pulse voltage.
  • Vehicle warning lights are widely used in engineering excavation, agricultural machinery, forklifts, snow sweepers, sprinklers, road rescue vehicles, wreckers, sanitation vehicles, school buses and other vehicle safety warnings.


IP69K waterproof car warning light

Maximum Power Consumption 28W
Light Source Type 24X1W high brightness LED
Waterproof Grade100% IP69K(100KPa)
Anti-fogging Process 100% nitrogen filling 
Thermal temperature pressure relief process stainless steel waterproof breathable valve 
alarm light coloramber 
Material die-casting aluminum alloy base(ADC12)+aluminum alloy heat sink+aluminum PCB substrates+PC lamp shade
Lens PC fresnel special optical design 
alarm mode double-flash fixed mode
Color Temperature y≤x-0.120
0-degree illumination intensity(cd/eff)≥270
Flash Frequency 2 Hz ≤F ≤ 4 Hz
International Quality Standard ECE R65/ R10(EMC)
Installation Method international universal cigarette lighter interface 
Anti-vibration Grade5G
Operating Temperature -40℃ to +65℃
operating voltage rangeDC10-32V
Specification Size216(H) x144(D) mm