7-inch 360° Panoramic Surround View Safety Assist Driving Display Integrated System

  • Model : HD3D-3D7154H806ZM4
  • Summarize : Vehicles used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and municipal sanitation trucks often have wide bodies, long axles, and high driving positions, leading to significant visual safety blind spots around the vehicle. A single camera or multi-view rearview system cannot meet the requirements for monitoring multiple areas. The 360-degree panoramic pedestrian and vehicle detection warning system consists of four wide-angle, starlight full-color cameras installed at four positions on the vehicle. These cameras use 360° AI vision algorithms to synthesize a panoramic bird's-eye view of the vehicle's surroundings, combined with GPS speed sensing. When pedestrians or vehicles are around the vehicle, the system's in-vehicle touch 360 integrated display screen and the audio-visual alarm work together to provide intuitive safety warnings to the driver, making driving safer and more efficient. The panoramic surround view system integrated machine can achieve a full-view driving image without a control box, making installation convenient and quick.
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AVM Panoramic Surround View Monitor All-in-One (No Host Required)

Around View Monitor(AVM)

  • System Function: Captures images through multiple (four or six) ultra-wide-angle cameras and uses special algorithms for distortion correction and stitching to form a panoramic view around the object.

  • Intelligent Quick Stitching: Automatic and manual modes, automatically switches between 3D/2D driving image display modes through GPS speed sensor and steering signal.

  • Safety Detection and Warning: Detects pedestrians and vehicles around the car, providing 360° blind spot-free collision prevention.

  • Communication Protocol: Exclusive MCU development protocol CAN bus data interaction, meeting various needs.

Display and Operation

  • Touch Control: Full touch control, switch to any display mode, easy to operate.

  • Automatic Warning Screen Switching: When the vehicle speed is below 25 km/h, the system automatically switches to the warning screen and lane change assist warning screen, and links to the external sound and light alarm.

Input and Support

  • Camera Input: Supports 4 AHD panoramic camera inputs, expandable to 4 surveillance camera inputs.

  • Radar Probe Input: Supports 16 radar probe inputs.

  • Communication Protocol: Supports CAN bus communication protocol.

Recording Function

  • Recording Modes: Supports real-time recording, loop recording, and video playback (SD card storage).

Monitor Specifications

  • Screen: IPS widescreen, true color, fast response.

  • Resolution: 1024RGB(H) x 600(V) dot.

  • Brightness Control: Light-sensing automatic screen brightness mode switching for day and night to avoid affecting driving safety at night.

Power and Protection

  • Operating Voltage: DC 12~36V wide range operating voltage.

  • Protection Functions: Independent power output, load dump pulse voltage protection, external power polarity reverse protection, LED constant current and voltage protection to avoid misuse and ensure quality.

AHD Panoramic Camera

  • Camera Specifications: 210° ultra-wide angle, automotive-grade DSP, 2 million high-definition pixels.

  • Protection Level: IP69K waterproof rating.

  • Other Features: Starlight full-color, cold-resistant waterproof signal output cable.

Product Parameters

Name7-inch 360 Panoramic Surround View Touch Display Integrated System
Product ModelMHD-3D1014HDTP
Operating SystemLINUX
Operating LanguageChinese/Simplified, Traditional, English, Korean
Operation MethodButtons, Touch, Infrared
Touch TypeCapacitive Touch Screen
Resolution & Size7-inches, 1024 x 600
Brightness600 cd/m²
Display RatioWidescreen 16:9
Viewing Angle85/85/85/85 (Left/Right/Up/Down)
Brightness AdjustmentAutomatic brightness control based on ambient light (Daytime: 90%, Nighttime: 50%)
Image Modes2D/3D free switching
Display Modes3D mode/Four-screen mode/Multiple 3D display modes
Video Input
Video Input4-channel AHD panoramic camera + 4-channel AHD camera
Speed SensorMCU-controlled, displays different screen modes based on vehicle speed
AI Vision Warning Function360-degree surround view system with built-in AI vision algorithm
BSD4-channel Blind Spot Detection
FWCBuilt-in Forward Collision Warning with image distance measurement
Detection TargetsPedestrians and non-motor vehicles + Vehicle recognition
Smart Voice PlaybackCustomizable audio warning playback
Recording Function
Video FormatH265
Recording Resolution1080P
MemoryExternal USB port 16-512GB
File Capacity1.25GB per hour
PlaybackSupports local independent playback
Operating Temperature-20°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature-40°C to +80°C
Vibration/ShockGB/T 2423.56-2018 standard (Random 5G vibration)
Housing MaterialAluminum alloy
Protection LevelIP65
Operating VoltageDC 12-36V / 15-20W
Product DimensionsL x W x H = 105 x 178 x 50 mm
Radar Host (Optional)
Radar WarningSupports 16 ultrasonic radar probes
Detection Distance2.5 meters
Power ParametersDC 12-33V / 0.2W
Radar FunctionsBlind Spot Detection (BSD) + Lane Change Assist (LCA) + Parking Assist
CAN Communication (Optional)
Features and CharacteristicsHigh-speed CAN bus transceiver, compliant with ISO11898 standard, low power management (display mode, AI alarm data output)
Audio-Visual Alarm (Optional)
SpecificationsDC 12-36V / 3W, IP65 protection level, 16-level adjustable volume
Panoramic Camera
Operating VoltageDC 8-16V
Operating Temperature-20°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature-30°C to +70°C
Video Frame Rate25 FPS / 30 FPS
Waterproof LevelIP68
Low Illumination0.01 Lux
Vibration/ShockGB/T 2423.56-2018 standard (Random 5G vibration)
Horizontal Angle210 degrees
Vertical Angle126 degrees

Product Applications

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