8-chanel MDVR

  • Model : DF-9808-8H-4G
  • Summarize : MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorders), commonly known as on-board DVR, is a device that uses advanced video and audio encoding and decoding technology to perform digital-to-analog conversion of videos inside and outside the vehicle and carry out compression and storage. It is widely applied in public operations, rail transportation, government law enforcement, shipping, public safety, school buses, intelligent driving, and other fields to improve driving safety, strengthen fleet operation management and realize real-time monitoring inside and outside the vehicle.
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  • MDVR H.264  encoding format: high compression ratio, clear images, and low disk space occupation;

  • Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS): early warning of vehicle driving collisions, track deviations, pedestrian detection, and overspee, thus enhancing driving safety;

  • Blind Spot Detection system(BSD): early warning of other vehicles or obstacles in the driving blind area during vehicle turning and changing lanes to avoid collisions;

  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS): early warning of drivers' identity recognition, fatigue, and dangerous driving behaviors to increase driving safety and effectively manage the fleets;

  • Aviation video interface with high reliability and strong seismic resistance;

  • UPS power-off protection technology can still work for 3-5 seconds under the cut-off of the external power supply, preventing the accidental damage of video files;

  • SD card+hard disk as the storage medium. It is convenient and quick to read data;

  • Support 8 channels of AHD audio and video input; (4 channels of AHD+4 channels of IPC network HD cameras. Support ONVIF RTSP agreement)  optional

  • Support HDMI and VGA high-definition video output as well as two channels of CVBS video output.

  • Support SD card 1TB+4T hard disk with super large capacity;

  • Support +8V~+36V wide voltage design, suitable for all kinds of vehicles;

  • Support one set of 12V/1A stabilized power supply output, which can power peripheral devices;

  • Support RJ45 Ethernet network connection for real-time preview in the local area network.

  • Built-in with 3G/4G network, GPS, and WiFi modules (optional 58GHz dual-antenna WiFi).

  • Professional playback analysis software to simultaneously play back GPS/BD trajectory, vehicle driving status, speed, and audio-visual images;

  • Centralized management software for supporting real-time transmission of vehicle images and alarm information, etc.


SystemOperating SystemEmbedded Linux
Menu LanguagesSimplified/Traditional Chinese, English, Russian (other languages are customizable)
Video Compression FormatH.264
Password LockTwo-level management of user password and administrator password. 
VideoVideo Input8CH 1080P(PAL/NTSC)downward compatible(support AHDTVICVBS mixed input display);
4-channel IPC internet HD camera,support ONVIF RTSP agreement(optional)
Video OutputHDMIx1;VGA x1;
CVBS x2(RCA+M12 avionics head 1.0Vp-p 75Ω)
Preview functionsingle-image and full-screen view;2/4ch multipal viewing option
Video SystemPAL system or NTSC system 
AudioAusio InputInput 8-channel audio Input, avionics interface
Audio Output1-channel audio output 
Recording Methodrecord the sound and video simultaneously 
Recording StorageRecording Channel1 to 8 channels are optional and each channel has separate audio andvideo file storage
Recording Resolution1080P(1920x1080)720P(1280x720)D1(704x576)
Recording Image Qualityordinarystandard(default)HDsuper HD
4 Levels of Optional Recording Mode0.6Mbps1.2Mbps1.8Mbps2.4Mbps
automatic recording when turned on, alarm recording, etc. 
OSDIt can superimpose time, date, channel name, GPS speed, license plate ID, and so on. 
Storage MediumSD card supports 1TB, hard disk supports 4T 
Recording PlaybackRecording Search video recording data can be searched through recording time 
Recording Playbacksupports local playback,4-channel simultaneous playback 
fastforward and slow play at x2,x4, x8 times speed and pause functions.
AlarmAlarm InputInput 4/6 channels of alarm are optinal (customizable for 8-channel)
Alarm Output2 sets of alarm output are optional, outputs high level 12V 
Optional PurchaseRS485 Correspondencebuilt-in 1 set of RS485 function interface
FunctionRS232 Correspondencebuilt-in 1set of RS232 function interface
3G/4Gbuilt-in 3G or 4G correspondence module
Wifibuilt-in WIFI module
GPSBuilt-in GPS module; latitude and longitude, speed, etc. It can be superimposed onto the video file, and can also be wirelessly uploaded.
Speed SensorBuilt-in acceleration sensor G-Sensor
Hard Disk HeatingBuilt-in hard disk heating module. 
Platform SoftwarePC Terminal Software and web

Vehicle information analysis, real-time video preview, voice intercom, GPS upload, alarm upload, center

Command dispatch, parameter configuration, remote video playback and other equipment management

Mobile Terminal Softwarereal-time video preview, voice intercom, GPS upload, message notifications, etc
Software UpgradeUSBIt can be used for software upgrade, video file copy, video storage or mouse operation.
SD cardIt can be used for software upgrade and video storage. 
ServerClient server remote upgrade app program

Output Voltage 


 The input voltage is +8V to +36V. lt is recommended to input avoltage of 12V or above for the camera to work. Do not exceed 36Vfor a long time to avoid burning the machine.

Power Consumption


working with the camera<10W 

Output Voltage


output voltage12V(±0.2V), maximum current 3A

ACC Detection


The car key is turned off and so does the device. 


The key of the car is turned on and so does the device.

Video  Input Impedance


The input impedance of each video channel is 75Ω. 

Video Output


Output 1Vp-p Output a 1Vp-p CVBS analog signal.

Alarm Input 

I/O interface

5V-36V is a high-level alarm. 

Operating Temperature


It refers to the ambient temperature under the condition of good ventilation.