8-channel MDVR System

  • Model : DF-9828-8H-4G
  • Summarize : Vehicle video recorder monitoring system integrates Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS), Blind Spot Detection System (BSD), Driver Monitor System (DMS) and 6-channel real-time monitoring. It is widely used in public operation, rail transportation, government law enforcement, shipping, public safety, school buses, intelligent driving and other fields to improve driving safety, strengthen fleet operation management, and realize real-time monitoring inside and outside the vehicle.
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  • MDVR H.264 encoding format: high compression ratio, clear image and low disk space occupation;

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): Vehicle collision warning, track departure warning, pedestrian detection, distance detection and warning to enhance driving safety;

  • Blind Spot Detection system(BSD): early warning of other vehicles or obstacles in the driving blind area during vehicle turning and changing lanes to avoid collisions;

  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS): early warning of drivers' identity recognition, fatigue, and dangerous driving behaviors to increase driving safety and effectively manage the fleets;

  • Supports HDMI, VGA high-definition video output, AHD1080P output (optional) and one-way CVBS video output;

  • Supports the use of super-large capacity of SD card 1TB + 4T hard disk;

  • 8-channel alarm inputs;

  • Supports RJ45 Ethernet network connection, RTSP video streaming transmission and local area network real-time preview;

  • Built-in with 3G/4G network, GPS, WiFi module (optional 58GHz dual-antenna WiFi);

  • Professional playback analysis software to simultaneously play back GPS/BD trajectory, vehicle driving status, speed, and audio-visual images;

  • Centralized management software supports real-time transmission of vehicle images and alarm information, etc;

  • 7-inch IPS touchscreen HD display real-time monitoring;

  • HD waterproof camera.


MDVRModel: DF-9828-8H-4G
Operating SystemEmbedded Linux
Menu LanguageSimplified/Traditional Chinese, English, Korean, Russian (other languages can be customized)
Video Compression FormatH.264
Video Input8CH 1080P(PAL/NTSC)downward compatibility (support AHDTVICVBS mixed input display)
8-channel IPC, wifi camera connection, support 4K resolution with downward compatibility
Video OutputHDMIx1;VGA x1;AHD output(optional)
CVBS x2(RCA+M12 avionics head1.0Vp-p 75Ω)
Preview Functionsingle-image full-screen view;2/4/8ch multipal viewing option 
Video StandardPAL or NTSC 
Audio Input8-channel audio input; aviation head interface 
Audio Output1-channel audio output
Recording Methodrecord the sound and video simultaneously
Recording Channel1-8 channels are optional, each channel has separate audio and video file storage
Recording Resolution1080P(1920x1080)720P(1280x720)D1(704x576)
Recoding Modeautomatic recording when powered on; alarm recording, etc.
Storage MediumSD card supports 1TB and hard disk supports 4T
Recording Searchvideo recording data can be searched by recording time
Recording Playback

support local playback, 4-channel simultaneous playback, fast forward and slow play at x2, x4, x8 times speed and pause functions.

Alarm Input8-channel alarm input
Alarm Output2 groups of alarm outputs are optional, outputs high level 12V
Other Functionsbuilt-in 1 set of RS232 functional interface, built-in 3G or 4G communication module, built-in WIFI module, built-in GPS module, built-in acceleration sensor G-Sensor, built-in hard disk heating module, built-in AI algorithm
PC Terminal Software and websupport vehicle information analysis, real-time video preview, voice intercom, GPS upload, alarm upload, center command dispatch, parameter configuration, remote video playback and other device management.
Mobile Terminal Softwaresupport real-time video preview, voice intercom, GPS positioning, message notification, etc. 

Input Voltage

The input voltage is +8V to +36V. It is recommended to input a voltage of 12V or above for the camera to work. Do not exceed 36V for a long time to avoid burning the machine.

Power Consumption

No-load < 4.5W, with the camera working < 10W

Output Voltage

ouput voltage 12V (±0.2V), maximum current 3A

ACC Detection

≤ 9V the car key is turned off, and the device is turned off

≥ 10V the car key is turned on, and the device is turned on

Operating Temperature


HD Camera MonitorMHD-7154M
Display Screen7-inch IPS touch-screen
Resolution1024RGB(H) X 600(V)dot
Video Input2-channel Video Inputs
Video Signal InputCVBS /AHD720P /1080P
OSD Menu Functionrespectively set normal and mirror images, delays reversing time, triggers priority and support multiple languages.
Anti-vibration GradeGB∕T 2423.56-2018 standard (random 5G vibration)
Size(L x W x T) (218 x 149 x 82mm)