Horse Electric Fence Controller

  • Model : EF-A1D020
  • Summarize : The electronic fence is a very convenient and economically efficient way of animal management. Previously, farms needed to set up tangible fences made of wood or chains to prevent animals from escaping. However, tangible fences require more input of manpower and material resources and are also easily damaged by animals. Now, by using the electronic fence host to send pulse low-current and high-voltage electric shocks to the animals to deter them from reflecting and no longer approaching, it can better and more efficiently manage the animals. The DC12V DC electronic fence host has a small volume and is used in combination with a power transformer and a vehicle-mounted power supply for small-scale pen-raising and entertainment horses, farmhouse cattle, sheep, poultry, and wild animal invasion and damage to the surrounding crops around the home.
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Load energy storage output: 2 joules @ 500Ω 

Peak energy storage pulse voltage output: 10kV 

Load pulse voltage output: 4.3 KV @ 500Ω 

Power supply input voltage: DC12V power supply and battery 

50mA power supply, low power consumption, can be used for a long time Low impedance, high energy output, and multiple-line distance rated value: 

Without vegetation: up to 50 miles 

Average vegetation: up to 20 miles 

High vegetation: up to 10 miles 

Pulse voltage flashing red working indicator light


Peak stored energy output: 2 joules 

Peak stored pulse voltage output: 10 kV 

Load pulse voltage output: 4.3 KV @ 500 Ω 

Conduction effective distance: 15 KM 

Power input: DC12V 

Maximum Power Consumption: 2.4 W 

The shell is strong and durable, waterproof and dustproof, with built-in lightning protection. 

Shell Material: ABS insulating Material 

Size: 233 x 118 x 66 mm 

Weight: 700 g