Solar Electronic Fence Energizer

  • Model : EF-B1S020
  • Summarize : The electronic fence is a very convenient and economically efficient way of animal management. Previously, farms needed to set up tangible fences made of wood or chains to prevent animals from escaping. However, tangible fences require more input of manpower and material resources and are also easily damaged by animals. Now, by using the electronic fence host to send pulse low-current and high-voltage electric shocks to the animals to deter them from reflecting and no longer approaching, it is possible to better and efficiently manage the animals. The solar electronic fence does not require an external power supply and is widely used in large-scale cattle, sheep, and horse herds in pastures in remote areas where power cannot be used for livestock and sheep farming and wild animal intrusion.
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Solar electronic fence host

The solar charging can have a built-in battery DC12V/9AH (optional), without the need for an external power supply, and the fully integrated body design makes it convenient to carry and quick to install and use. 

The angle of the high-efficiency single-crystal solar panel can be adjusted, with a sufficient light-sensitive area and fast charging speed. 

The voltage output (Vmp) of the high-efficiency single-crystal solar panel: DC18V.

The current output (Imp) of the high-efficiency single-crystal solar panel: 0.64A. 

The output power (Pmax) of the high-efficiency single-crystal solar panel: 11W.

High-load energy storage output: 2 joules @ 500Ω, peak value stored pulse voltage output: 10KV, load pulse voltage output: 4.3KV @ 500Ω, low impedance, high energy, and long transmission distance (without vegetation: up to 50 kilometers for multi-wire connection).

IP68 Waterproof Grade and lightning protection design for outdoor use. 

50mA low power consumption and energy saving, with a full charge usage cycle of up to about 8 days.

Magnetic induction power switch: on/off.

Pulse voltage output indicator light: red.

Charging indicator light: green.

Battery fully charged indicator light: blue.


Modelstorage power outputpeak pulse voltageload pulse voltagemaximum poweroperating timemulti-wire distance(mile)
EF-B1S0202 Joulesup to 10KV4.3KV@500ΩMax 50mAup to 8up to 50up to 165
EF-B1S0121.2 Joulesup to 10KV3.7KV@500ΩMax 35mAup to 11up to 25up to 80
EF-B1S0070.7 Joulesup to 10KV3.5KV@500ΩMax 30mAup to 12up to 15up to 60