VEISE - Mid-Autumn Reunion and National Day

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Mid-Autumn Reunion and National Day

"Full moon, united people, and deeper festival sentiments." At this wonderful moment of the Mid-Autumn Festival, to celebrate this festival that is rich in the significance of reunion and perfection, the company has meticulously prepared a range of mooncake benefits, which will be handed out to each employee by Mr. Yan. It is hoped that at this particular time, it can bring everyone warmth and sweetness.

Warm mooncake welfare, full of care in the heart.

Mr. Yan Handed Out Mooncakes

Mr. Yan prepared the mooncakes with great sincerity in the morning and distributed them one by one from the fifth-floor office to the production workshop. Colleagues were happy about this heartwarming move, and smiles were all over their faces. This sweet benefit not only recognizes everyone's work, but also shows concern for employees' lives. I hope everyone can taste the sweetness and care given by the company in this festival of reunion and feel the warmth and happiness.

Mid-Autumn Festival Message

On this beautiful and reunion Mid-Autumn Festival, let's share this care and warmth together. Let's work together and make joint efforts to contribute to the development of the company. Here, I wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Let's spend an unforgettable Mid-Autumn Festival together!