VEISE - "Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day with Joy" Garden Party Activity

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“Celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival and Ntional Day”

Happy Mid-autumn Day

Happy National day

When everything is just right just right. In the autumn equinox, this year once again ushered in the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day double festival of joy. In order to carry forward the traditional culture, active festive atmosphere, and enrich the spare time life of the staff, Visions Electronics held the "Mid-Autumn and National Day" garden party on the day of the autumnal equinox. Set up the traditional "guess the riddle", "ping pong ball pot throwing", "blowing ping pong", "making ice-crust moon cake and "making iced mooncakes" and many other fun games. At the same time, we have prepared generous prizes for the winners of the games!




【No.1 Solve Lantern Riddles】

The lights are just on, and it is already the Mid-Autumn Festival. Naturally, the traditional lantern riddle guessing game is indispensable. With 200 lantern riddle cards hanging high, the strong atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival hits us. The joy of our colleagues is evident, maybe it is the joy of guessing the right answers to the riddles and winning points cards, or maybe it is the pleasant relationship with colleagues. Anyway, we are immersed in joy!




【No.2 Making Iced Mooncakes】

Making delicious ice-skin mooncakes: mixing the dough, shaping the skin, filling, and demolding. Every process is precisely controlled, and everyone can make an ice-skin mooncake that belongs exclusively to themselves. Everyone had a great time. Even our General Yang was also full of enthusiasm to participate, making one exquisite mooncake after another, and feeling the joy of the strong feelings of the Mid-Autumn Festival together with us.




【No.3 Summary of Ms. Yang's Statement】

With the arrival of the Double Festivals of Mid-Autumn and National Day, whether it is for traveling or returning, it is essential to put safety first! Safety awareness must always be kept in mind, just as our onboard monitoring system accompanies you on a safe and long journey! Finally, I wish all of you and friends from all sectors of society good health, all the best, family reunion, and a pleasant Mid-Autumn and National Day!