VEISE- Second-Quarter Outstanding Performance Recognition Meeting

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The outline is divided into three parts:

1. Speech by General. Yang.

2. The company's main objectives in the second half of 2023.

3. Recognition and awards.



1. Speech by General Yang:

August 4, 2023 Veise Electronics Held the Second Quarter Outstanding Performance Recognition Meeting

The main purposes of the meeting are: 1. To recognize and reward the outstanding salespersons for their excellent performance. 2. To analyze and summarize the shortcomings of the previous quarter and plan the goals and plans for the next quarter. To summarize the work in the first half of the year and plan for the second half of the year, General Yang presented the market planning for the next quarter at the meeting, mainly analyzing how to acquire customers from all aspects, and insight into the real-time dynamics of the market to make relevant adjustments in a timely manner.


2. Key Objetives of the Company os the Second Half of 2023:

Global layout gives a clear concept of applying global thinking to expand the business. Continuously enrich ourselves in daily work, keep charging and improving, carry out business work with the best state, and enhance the stickiness of teamwork. Win-win is our ultimate goal!


Concluding Remarks by the Head of Department

The foreign trade manager presented a summary of the previous quarter and a work plan for the second half of the year. A detailed analysis was conducted on the problems existing in the foreign trade market, and a clear plan was formulated on where the business focus should develop. The market is changing, and the thinking is active. Salespersons need to keep pace with the times so that the enterprise can go further!


3. Recognition and Rewards:



The commendation meeting came to a successful conclusion. I sincerely wish all the salespersons to go all out in the second half of the year, continuously improve their shortcomings, and strive to hand in a satisfactory answer in the second half of the year!

Finally, thank every employee for their hard work and selfless dedication. You are the backbone of the company's development and an important support for our success. Let's take the excellent employees as an example, continue to carry forward the spirit of teamwork, hard work and progress, and make greater contributions to the company. I believe that as long as we are united and work together, we will definitely be able to create a better tomorrow!