Reversing radar integrated blind spot detection system in use in harbour machinery!

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In a busy dock port, every second is a battle between efficiency and safety. Drivers need to pay full attention when driving a vehicle, any distraction may bring safety risks and economic losses, especially in the driving process, can not observe the monitor screen at the same time and the lack of reversing radar warning, the risk is further increased. To this end, we have launched a vehicle monitor ultrasonic radar all-in-one - this system will be the reversing image and ultrasonic radar function fusion, let us in this paper in-depth discussion, redefine the safety of port operations.

Safety alerts with precision

In busy harbour operations, even more minor collisions can lead to serious consequences. Traditional reversing radars often have blind spots. For this reason, VEISE Electronics has independently developed an ultrasonic reversing radar monitoring system with four high-performance probes that work in tandem to ensure that there is no dead space for rear detection. The sensors not only detect approaching objects, but also calculate the distance and speed of the object through a sophisticated algorithm, providing real-time feedback to the operator and effectively avoiding the risk of collision. What's more: the all-in-one design simplifies the installation process, eliminating the need for an additional radar host box and adapter cables. Compared to the newer AI image algorithm technology, it has higher warning accuracy, lower false alarm rate, and is able to identify more types of obstacles, not only limited to pedestrians and vehicles. It provides drivers with a more convenient and efficient driver assistance experience.

At the same time, it has a three-level customised warning area alert function. This design is designed for different operational scenarios, allowing the operator to set the warning distance according to the actual situation, and realising a graded response from long-distance warning to emergency braking. Whether it is a narrow yard or open loading and unloading area, it can accurately prompt the warning, so that every reversing is under control.

AI intelligent and easy to recognise

The core competitiveness of the system lies in the AI intelligent camera it is equipped with. It is not only a pair of "eyes", through high-precision image processing algorithms, the camera is able to accurately identify car models and human figures in the screen, and even in complex and changing light conditions and dynamic environments, the camera can quickly locate and send out alerts, which greatly reduces the rate of false alarms. The addition of the NPU (Neural Network Processor) effectively filters out non-critical interfering factors such as swaying tree branches and animals, ensuring that every alert is accurate.

Waterproof and anti-corrosion, durable and reliable

Facing the harsh working environment of the harbour, the durability of the equipment is crucial. Our cameras have passed the strict IP69K waterproof test to ensure stable operation even under high-pressure washing and bad weather. The housing is made of special material and has passed strict salt spray test, which can effectively resist acid and alkali corrosion commonly found in the dock environment, prolonging the service life and reducing maintenance costs.

Easy to operate and full of technology

We also equipped with a 7-inch touch screen HD display, which not only provides clear and intuitive visual feedback, but also allows you to operate various functions with direct finger touch, improving the flexibility and convenience of operation. Whether in bright light or dim environment, you can easily adjust the settings and control the whole situation, so that every operation is smooth.

Suitable for all kinds of large construction machinery