Sanitation vehicle safety, starting from a set of backup camera system!

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Four-channel Vehicle-mounted Intelligent Assistance System

With the acceleration of urban construction, sanitation vehicles, as large operational vehicles, face various visual blind spots due to their special body structure and operational environment during daily cleaning and garbage collection processes. These blind spots increase safety risks during driving and operations. Therefore, it is recommended to equip sanitation vehicles with blind spot monitoring devices before they leave the factory. This measure not only ensures the safety of sanitation workers but also takes high responsibility for public safety. The four-channel vehicle-mounted video recorder advanced driving assistance system launched by Vision Electronic largely solves the problem of vehicle blind spots and has become a key factor in optimizing fleet management.

I. Safety Starts with Monitoring Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS):

Sanitation operations often occur in low light conditions such as early morning or dusk, which can pose safety hazards. Our four-channel intelligent vehicle-mounted video recorder integrated with ADAS functions like an invisible co-pilot, monitoring the sanitation vehicle's driving status in real-time and providing early warnings of potential risks. Whether it's an imminent collision, lane departure, unnoticed speeding, or sudden appearance of pedestrians, the system immediately alerts the driver, effectively preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.

Blind Spot Detection System (BSD):

Sanitation vehicles have large volumes, leading to visual blind spots during turns or lane changes, which are often breeding grounds for accidents. By introducing a blind spot monitoring system, our vehicle-mounted monitoring system can monitor the surrounding conditions in real-time. Upon detecting approaching vehicles or obstacles in the blind spot, it immediately issues warnings, helping drivers to react promptly and effectively avoid collision accidents caused by blind spots, ensuring safe and smooth operations every time.

Driver Monitoring System (DMS):

The unique nature of sanitation work demands that drivers maintain high focus and good physical condition. Our DMS not only identifies the driver's identity to ensure that authorized personnel are driving the vehicle but also monitors for fatigue and dangerous driving behaviors. Once the system detects driver fatigue or unsafe behaviors such as phone use or smoking, it immediately issues warnings. This enhances driving safety and is crucial for optimizing fleet management.

II. Remote Monitoring and Storage: Safety at Your Fingertips

4G Remote Monitoring: Oversight from Anywhere

Utilizing 4G networks, our vehicle-mounted monitoring system enables remote real-time monitoring. Managers can monitor vehicle operation status and driver behavior via mobile phones or computers regardless of their location. This feature enhances the timeliness of safety management and facilitates rapid response to emergencies, thereby improving overall operational efficiency.

Storage and Playback: Tracing the Truth, Safeguarding Rights

Every video recording is a record of responsibility. The system's storage function saves critical driving video data, complemented by playback functionality. Whether for accident investigation, dispute resolution, or reviewing driving trajectories, it provides strong evidence to safeguard the rights of all parties involved. Additionally, it offers valuable material for fleet management and driver training.