1080P Rear View Monitor System Details and Installation Methods

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Article Preface

In this age of ever-changing technology, no vehicle safety can be achieved without technology. As an innovator specialising in large-scale vehicle safety, we understand the importance of safety monitoring. We will bring you an in-depth understanding of two well-developed rear-view monitoring system products - wireless magnetic rear-view monitoring system and wired rear-view monitoring system, which not only redefine the standard of vehicle monitoring, but also provide a solid technical support for the driver's safe driving.

1. Mobile wireless rear-view monitoring system

One-touch installation, Wireless is more convenient

Imagine, no complicated wiring, just a gentle release, the wireless magnetic rear view camera can be firmly attached to the vehicle. Thanks to its unique magnetic mounting design with silicone base, even non-professionals can easily complete the installation. This not only simplifies the installation process, but also reduces the potential safety hazards that may be caused by exposed wiring.

Intelligent frequency hopping, strong anti-interference

In a relatively small or harsh environment, wireless signal interference often becomes a major problem for the monitoring system. But our wireless system has multi-frequency frequency hopping code technology, automatically avoid interference frequency bands, to ensure that in any environment, the video signal can be stable and open transmission up to 200 metres, so that your field of vision is not limited, safe and worry-free.

Intelligent touch control, power level at a glance

What's more, the camera is designed with a touch switch for easy operation and a power indicator. This means that you can keep track of your device's power status with just one touch before you leave, ensuring that your surveillance system is always online and rejecting range anxiety!

Highly waterproof and weatherproof

Whether it's a violent storm or a muddy road, the wireless system's IP69K waterproof rating can handle it with ease. The charging port uses a Type-C waterproof connector to ensure the reliable operation of the device under extreme conditions, allowing security monitoring without fear of challenges.

2. 1080P wired rear-view monitoring system

Large high-definition screen with all the details

The wired rear view monitor system presents the driver with a detailed monitoring picture by connecting a 7-inch HD monitor, or other sizes are available. Every unseen blind spot is clearly visible, allowing for more accurate driving decisions.

The eye of night vision. Lights up the night.

The built-in 18pcs 850nm infrared lamps play a vital role when night falls. The infrared distance can reach 15 metres. They are like bright lights in the dark night, illuminating every corner behind the vehicle, clearing the blind spots for you and ensuring driving safety.

High-definition signal, stable transmission

Equipped with a high-definition video signal cable, which ensures high-quality transmission of the video signal, every frame is smooth and lag-free, making the driver's judgement more rapid and accurate.

Mounting method:

Guardianship of security, building the future together

Whether you are in pursuit of convenient and efficient wireless magnetic rearview monitoring system, or you are in love with high-definition and stable wired rearview monitoring system, we have the most rigorous attitude, the most advanced technology, tailor-made the most suitable solution for you. On the road of intelligent driving, we are not only the developer of technology, but also the guardian of your safety.

In the future, we will continue to explore, combined with artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and other cutting-edge technologies, and constantly upgrade and optimise our products, so that every drive is more secure and intelligent. Please stay tuned to us and witness more new chapters of safe and smart driving together!