[New Product Release] Reinventing Security Boundaries, Leading a New Era of Intelligent Vehicle Surveillance!

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In this era of rapid development of intelligent science and technology, every technological innovation is quietly changing the way we live and work. Especially in the field of large-scale vehicle safety monitoring, technological innovation is a top priority for life and property safety.

After continuous R&D and innovation, VEISE has launched three important vehicle monitoring systems! They are: 360AI Panoramic Pedestrian Vehicle Detection and Early Warning Monitoring System, AI Vehicle Driving Detection System, and Millimeter Wave Radar Ranging + Dual Spectrum AI Thermal Imager Monitoring System for Mining Vehicles, which are specially designed for tanker trucks. These products not only integrate cutting-edge technology, but also reach an unprecedented level of safety, reliability and intelligence, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

360° AI Panoramic Pedestrian and Vehicle Detection and Warning System

In complex road environments, it is crucial for tanker trucks to travel safely. We have launched a 360AI panoramic monitoring system, which provides drivers with 12 image display modes through intelligent voice-activated technology, allowing them to quickly switch viewpoints and grasp the surrounding environment in an all-round way with a simple command. It warns pedestrians and vehicles in real time and realizes 360° blind spot-free collision prevention. The system can automatically recognize the intention to turn, switch the warning screen, and link the sound and light alarm outside the vehicle to make lane changing safer.

Featuring a 210° super wide-angle lens with an automotive-grade DSP processor, the 2-megapixel HD image captures details clearly. Meanwhile, it achieves IP69K waterproof rating, which can easily cope with the harsh outdoor environment! The most important point is that it adopts 304 stainless steel explosion-proof panoramic camera, which is very suitable for high-risk transportation vehicles transporting flammable and explosive, as well as hazardous materials. Comprehensive observation of the real-time situation during transportation, timely avoidance of accidents! And the camera meets the explosion-proof standard, together to build an impregnable safety line of defense.

AI leads the era of in-vehicle monitoring - Smart Control Future

For diversified needs, we also launched the AI in-vehicle motion detection system, equipped with a 7-inch HD waterproof display and a fully sealed pressure equalization patent design to ensure IP68 waterproof performance. The system supports 2-channel video input, reverse screen delay with trigger priority function, and can also customize the three-level warning area, which improves the convenience and safety when reversing.

130-degree super wide-angle lens, 2 megapixel high-definition imaging, adapting to a variety of installation angles, so that the field of vision has no boundaries. Whether in a narrow warehouse or on an open construction site, it can provide a dead-angle-free monitoring perspective, suitable for forklift trucks as well as large construction machinery installation and use, to ensure the safety of driving.

Penetrating the fog, precise warnings

For extremely harsh working environments, such as mines and harbors, we bring the millimeter wave radar ranging and dual-spectrum AI thermal imager monitoring system for mining trucks. This system has strong penetration ability and anti-interference ability, with the farthest detection distance up to 40 meters. Even in the environment covered with smoke and dust, rain and fog, it can accurately identify and warn the surrounding obstacles, and the color warning on the display is intuitive and clear.

Its core lies in the advanced thermal imaging AI vision technology, which is capable of accurately recognizing targets such as people and vehicles in a completely lightless environment, effectively combating glare interference. The system is also equipped with a voice warning function, which emits warning sounds of different frequencies according to the distance change of the obstacle, providing double safety protection for drivers and greatly reducing the risk of accidents.

The birth of each new product is a testimony to our relentless pursuit of safety and intelligence. These three monitoring systems not only represent our redefinition of the industry's safety standards, but also an active exploration of the future of intelligent transportation. We firmly believe that with the support of these high-tech equipments, the driving safety of large vehicles will be enhanced like never before. On the road of the future, let us work together, with the power of science and technology, to escort every trip and create a new chapter of intelligent safety!