Millimeter-wave Radar Camera Alarm System

  • Model : HDS-7134M132M1-LM
  • Summarize : Millimeter-wave radar is a cutting-edge radar technology that uses the millimeter-wave band to achieve the detection, imaging, and tracking of distant and near-distance targets. Its excellent performance is reflected in the detection ability that is not limited by weather conditions such as light, dust, haze, rain, and snow, ensuring the provision of stable and reliable data in various environments. In vehicle applications, due to its high-precision ranging function, the millimeter-wave radar provides drivers with accurate blind zone warnings, thereby significantly enhancing driving safety. Compared with ultrasonic radars, the millimeter-wave radar not only has a longer detection distance but also has a stronger anti-interference ability, which makes it stand out in a variety of practical applications. Although its performance in ranging accuracy and in some extreme weather conditions may be slightly inferior to that of lidar, the millimeter-wave radar has occupied an important position in the market with its high-cost performance and is widely used in multiple fields such as vehicle safety, autonomous driving, safety monitoring, and intelligent transportation, providing users with safe, efficient, and reliable solutions.
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1. 7-inch high-definition display is built-in with the millimeter-wave radar intelligent algorithm processor. Through complex algorithms, it can quickly identify the distance, speed, direction and other information of obstacles (which can detect static and dynamic objects, including pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, any transport vehicles, etc.), and convert these data into intuitive color warning images and voice alerts on the display.

2. The millimeter-wave radar works in the high frequency band of 77 to 78 GHz, and by emitting double-beam fan-shaped electromagnetic waves forward / backward and receiving the reflection situation of the target echo, it determines whether there are obstacles in the front / rear, and feeds back the relative distance, relative speed, and angle between the obstacle and the radar. The maximum detection distance can reach up to 40 meters, and it has strong anti-interference and penetration capabilities, and can effectively detect surrounding obstacles under harsh weather conditions.

3. OSD menu setting: Users can freely set three different distance ranges through the OSD menu: 0-2 meters (red), 2-5 meters (yellow), and 5-8 meters (green). Each range corresponds to a specific color warning, allowing the driver to intuitively understand the distance of surrounding objects.

4. Color warning system: When the millimeter-wave radar detects an obstacle, the display will show the corresponding color warning according to the distance range where the obstacle is located.

Red warning: When an object or person enters the distance range of 0-2 meters, the display will immediately show red and simultaneously display the word "STOP". The driver needs to take immediate braking measures to stop the vehicle to avoid a collision.

Yellow warning: When an object or person is within the range of 2-5 meters, the display will turn yellow, which is usually used to remind the driver to slow down.

Green warning: When an object or person is within the range of 5-8 meters, the display will show green. It is usually used to give warning to the driver that there is an object behind and remind the driver to adjust the speed or maintain the current driving state.

5. Voice warning: In addition to the color warning, the display will also emit voice warnings of different frequencies. These voice prompts correspond to the color warnings, providing drivers with additional auditory warnings to ensure that drivers can always remain vigilant during the driving process.

6. The onboard display is built-in with a wide range Working Voltage of DC8 to 32V, load shedding pulse voltage protection, external power polarity reverse connection protection, and LED constant current and constant voltage protection to avoid improper use and guarantee the warranty period.

1080P high-definition camera with an IP69K Waterproof Rating, ensuring that it can work normally under various harsh weather conditions.


7-inch HD Camera Monitor (MHD-774M-RM)

Screen7-inch IPS Color Display Screen
Resolution1024RGB(H) X 600(V)
Visible AngleUp, down, left, and right: 85°
Display ModeSupports 4-screen display
Video Signal InputSupports 1080P/720P/CVBS signal
Working Temperature-20℃ to +70℃
Storage Temperature-30℃ to +80℃
Working VoltageDC11-32V
Outer Dimensions (L x W x T)216 x 150 x 85 mm (including bracket and sun hat)

AHD 1080P HD Waterproof Camera CHD-132M 

Effective Pixel1920(H) X 1080(V)
Lowest Illumination0LUX (with infrared light on)
IR-CUTAutomatically switches between daytime and night mode
Visible Angle130°
Waterproof RatingIP69K
Anti-vibration RateMeets GB/T2423.56-2008 standard
Working Temperature-20℃ to +60℃
Storage Temperature-30℃ to +70℃
Working VoltageDC12V

Millimeter-Wave Radar RM-A1-77G-40M

Working Voltage12V/24V
Power Supply Range8~32V
Power Consumption<3.5W
Waterproof RatingIP67
Frequency Band77~78GHz
Refreshing Frequency33Hz
Correspondence InterfaceCAN
Distance Resolution0.2m
Speed Resolution1.9Km/h
Speed Measurement Range±60Km/h
Detecting Distance40m
Distance Accuracy±0.1m
Speed Accuracy±1Km/h
Number of Transceiving Channels2TX*4RX
Antenna Elevation Beam Width (-6db)-1° to +2°
Antenna Horizontal Beam Width (-6db)-60° to +60°
Size (mm)92 x 76.1 x 22.3 mm (without bracket)