7-inch HD Waterproof Dual-image Monitor

  • Model : MHD-751/752
  • Summarize : The monitor has the characteristics of high definition, high brightness, high contrast, and wide viewing angle, which ensures the real-time and clear display of the picture. Engineering machinery vehicles usually need to work under harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, dust, etc. Therefore, the car high-definition monitor has good environmental adaptability, such as excellent heat dissipation performance, sealing performance, and the ability to resist dust and corrosion. It can operate stably under these extreme conditions. Through the combined use of cameras and other devices, the monitor can display pictures around the vehicle, helping the driver to fully grasp the position of the vehicle and the surrounding road conditions, thereby reducing the safety hazards caused by limited vision.
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7-inch waterproof monitor supports 2 channels of video input, realizing simultaneous monitoring display of single and double segmentation.

The special waterproof structure design of front plastic and back aluminum, with the Waterproof Grade IP68. It has the characteristic of high-temperature resistance and heat dissipation.

OSD menu respectively sets the mirror and normal images of each displyed picture, the time of delaying 0-30 seconds, and the double-trigger priority application function. 

OSD menu supports functions such as single-channel picture flipping left and right, up and down, reverse scale, reverse trigger, and reverse delay. 

1024RGBX600 high resolution and 600cd/㎡ high brightness image definition.

Load dump pulse voltage DC24V + 174V (350ms) designed to protect against the damage of car transient pulses.

DC11~32V wide range working voltage.

Built-in external power supply polarity reverse connection protection, LED thermal response constant current constant voltage protection service life circuit design.


Color Display Screen7-inch IPS screen
Resolution1024RGB(H) X 600(V)dot
Waterproof RatingIP68
Video Input2 channels of video input
Display Modesingle-picture displaysingle-picture and doule-pictures seperatedly display
Video Signal InputCVBS /720P /1080P/960P
OSD Menu FunctionSupport the functions such as single-channel picture flipping left and right, up and down, reverse scale, reverse trigger, reverse delay, reverse priority, power-off memory, etc. Menu language: Chinese / English (optional). 
Color StandardPAL/NTSC (AUTO)
Brightness (cd/m2)600
Surge protection and load dump protectionISO16750-2 standard (24V system Us=174V,Ri=4Ω,td=350ms)
Connector Socket2.3-meter connected line
Working Temperature-20℃ to +70℃
Storage Temperature-30℃ to +80℃
Working VoltageDC11-32V
Anti-vibration RateGB∕T 2423.56-2018 standard (random 5G vibration) 
Size(L x W x T) (220 x 149 x 84mm)