Starlight Full Color AI Backup Camera

  • Model : CHD-122MAI
  • Summarize : Due to the high concentration required for the driver's operation of the vehicle machinery and equipment, in the case of having no time to observe the in-vehicle rear view display and without the warning of the reverse radar, it is extremely easy to produce safety hazards and lead to economic losses. The AI pedestrian and vehicle detecting and warning camera equipped in the in-vehicle rear view system not only eliminates the complex processes of installing and wiring the reverse radar, but also can detect pedestrians and vehicles in the work area in real-time and provide real-time visual and auditory warnings, which enhances the efficiency of vehicle operation, eliminates safety hazards and avoids economic losses.
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The pedestrian&vehicle detecting and reverse warning camera is a reverse safety monitoring device specially designed for industrial vehicles, such as stackers, forklifts and other engineering equipments. It can detect the dangerous state of the work area in real time and provide early warnings, thus enhancing the safety of the operation of engineering vehicles. It is an indispensable safety system in the smart industrial age.

The reverse camera takes the Al image intelligent recognition technology as the core. Through the artificial intelligence deep learning technology, it learns and summarizes the rules of a large number of video image data of the cameras, realizing the automatic detection and analysis of real-time video images, and making prompts, warnings, and controls.

1. Human figure and vehicle Model detection algorithm.

By using algorithms to perform precise calculations on the images captured by the front cameras, analyzing the presence of humanoid and vehicle objects, and accurately locating humanoid and vehicle objects, thus generating an alarm. By analyzing the objects in the image through the NPU, it can effectively filter situations such as tree branches shaking, animal walking, light changing and other conditions to improve the accuracy of the alarm.

2. Linkage function

Pedestrian/vehicle detection: when there are motor vehicles/non-motor vehicles/pedestrians approaching the reverse area, it prompts a buzzer alarm.

It supports external buzzer warning and high-temperature overload protection.

3. Universality

Universal to AHD HD displays; The cameras can achieve AI intelligent pedestrian detection and warning.


Image Sensor1/2.9 Color CMOS
Effective Pixel1920(H) X1080(V)
Night Vision Modestarlight full-colored
Horizontal Angle100°
Detecting Functionpedestrian/vehicle detecting warning
Alarm I/Obuzzer warning
Signal-to-noise Ratio≥48dB(AGC Off)
Video InputAHD 1080P
Housing Materialaluminum alloy
Waterproof RateIP69K
Working VoltageDC 12V
Working Temperature- 20°C~+60°C
Storage Temperature- 30°C~+70°C 
Anti-vibration RateGB∕T 2423.56-2018 standard (random 5G vibration)  
Interface Spec4-pin aviation female plug
Product Size82(W)x73(H)x68(D) mm