VEISE Donated to Build the Streetlights of Hengdong Lingshan Temple Mishui Bridge

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Hengdong Lingshan Temple Mishui Bridge is one of the bridge replacement construction planning projects in Hunan Province. It is an important economic trunk line and traffic artery connecting both sides of the Mishui River. Ms. Ouyang, the general manager of Veise Company, was very pleased to see the bridge open to traffic when she returned to her hometown. At the same time, she saw that there was no lighting for pedestrians and vehicles passing the bridge at night, which posed hidden safety hazards. Therefore, she actively contacted the local government departments and donated 150,000 yuan through the local Red Cross to build the streetlights of the Mishui Bridge in Lingshan Temple. The project was completed at the end of 2023, bringing safety to the local people's travel, and is also a part of Veise Company's corporate social responsibility.