VEISE-"Cohesion to Create the Future" - Veise Electronics Annual Conference Ceremony

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Forward of The Annual Meeting

Life is vast like a sea and mountain. The morning sun joins the east wind and the evening glow meets the night breeze. There is no need to dwell on the past, as every wish will be answered. The New Year's bell of 2024 has sounded. Veise Electronics has also ushered in the grand ceremony of the annual meeting. Looking back on this year, we have interweaved countless wonderful moments in our busyness and growth. Now, these memories are connected in series and turned into laughter. Let us work together to write a new chapter that belongs to us!

1. Employees' entry

At eight o 'clock in the morning, every employee's face was filled with a kind smile and entered the annual meeting with the expectation of the annual meeting. As employees and their families have been seated, the entire venue gradually lively up. We greet each other and exchange the work experience of the past year, and also look forward to the upcoming annual meeting. At this special moment, the employees of Veise Electronics are not only colleagues, but also more like a family. This intimate atmosphere has laid a good foundation for the formal part of the next annual meeting.

2. Ms. Yang's Speech

"In the past year, with the joint efforts of all employees, Veise Electronics has made remarkable achievements. Our sales hit a new high, and the product line has been further enriched. This is inseparable from the hard work and tireless efforts of every employee. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you".

Ms. Yang's face is filled with a proud smile, and her words are full of gratitude to employees and expectations for the future of the company. She introduced in detail the company 's achievements in technological innovation, market development and customer service, and emphasized the company 's strict control of product quality and the innovative spirit of continuous improvement.

" Looking forward to the future, Veise Electronics will continue to adhere to the innovation-driven development strategy and continue to explore new technology and market opportunities. We will increase investment in research and development, launch more competitive products, and strive to enhance the customer experience. At the same time, we will also pay attention to personnel training and team building to provide employees with more opportunities for learning and development."

Ms. Yang's speech is full of passion and belief, and her words infect everyone at present. She emphasized the importance of teamwork and called on all employees to unite and work together to create a more brilliant future for the company.

3. Statements by Directors of Every Departments

Each department has its own unique contributions and highlights. These highlights are not only the display of work results, but also the embodiment of team spirit and professional ability. At the annual meeting, the department directors will introduce the highlights of their department 's work in detail, so that all employees can share their success and achievements. These highlights include breakthrough projects, excellent teamwork, and innovative working methods. By sharing these work segments, department heads hope to stimulate the enthusiasm of other departments and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the whole company.

Directors of every departments also shared their expectations and plans for future work. This includes forecasting market trends, research and product development of new technologies, and optimization of internal management processes. They also put forward specific goals and plans to make all employees understand the company 's development direction and focus. At the same time, they will also emphasize the importance of teamwork to encourage employees to actively participate in and jointly promote the development of our company.

4. Granting Honor Certificates for Appreciation

The highlight is coming, we will commend some employees who have done well in their work. They not only made outstanding achievements in their own positions, but also contributed a lot to the development of our company.

Some of them are the elites of the sales department. With their keen market insight and unremitting efforts, they have created considerable profits for the company. Some are the leaders of the technology sector, who focus on technology research and development and innovation, and inject strong competitiveness into the company 's products. Some are the models of the logistics department who provide a strong guarantee for the company and ensure the smooth operation of the company 's daily operations. These employees are the company 's valuable wealth, they use their own practical action to explain what is called " cohesion, create the future".

To further enhance the performance of these outstanding employees, we have specifically awarded them an honorary certificate cash bonus. These certificates are not only an affirmation of their past work, but also an expectation for their future development. We hope that they can continue to maintain excellent working conditions to create brilliant again for the development of the company.

5. Lucky Draw Session

The draw link is also an important part of showing the company's concern for the employees. Company leaders know that employees are the most valuable wealth of the company. Only by making employees feel the care and warmth of the company can they stimulate their enthusiasm and creativity. Therefore, in the draw link, the company specially prepared a lucrative cash red envelope for each employee. A lucky winner will be choosen by selecting the names of each employee through a blind selection process.This arrangement not only increases the interest of the annual meeting, but also enhances the cohesion and cooperation spirit of the team, and injects new vitality and motivation into the future development of the company.

6. Summary

After this wonderful annual meeting ceremony, we have more clearly defined our positioning and goals in the company. In the new year, we will continue to maintain the spirit of cohesion and work together to create a better future for the company. We believe that as long as we work together, no matter how many challenges and difficulties we face, we can overcome together to achieve the company 's vision and goals. Finally, I wish all the staff members a happy family and a smooth life!