Quad Monitor Intelligent Pedestrian & Vehicle Detecting Camera System

  • Model : HDS-764AI131M4
  • Summarize : Due to the need for high concentration by the drivers of vehicle mechanical equipment during operation, in the case of having no time to observe the screen of the onboard rearview display and without the warning of the reverse radar, it is extremely prone to safety hazards, resulting in economic losses. The AI onboard driving detection and pre-warning system not only eliminates the complicated processes of installing and wiring the reverse radar, but also can detect the personnel and vehicles in the working area in real-time, and provide real-time icon and sound warnings, which enhances the efficiency of vehicle operation and eliminates safety hazards and avoids economic losses.
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Video Surveillance: Capture images around the vehicle in real time and transmit the images to the processor for further processing.

Intelligent detection: It can accurately identify and track pedestrians and non-motor vehicles in the left, right and rear three-way pictures.

Warning reminder: When pedestrians and non-motor vehicles are detected, the system will automatically issue a warning to remind the driver and help the driver make accurate judgments.

Multiple warning methods to choose from: The display is built-in with a microphone, external sound and light voice alarm, and superimposed alarm identification box, to adapt to different application scenarios.

Waterproof wide-angle camera: IP69K waterproof, multiple angles can be selected, provide a wider field of view, reduce blind areas, and ensure that it can work normally under various harsh weather conditions.


HD AI DVR Monitor7-inch IPS screen
Resolution1024RGB(H) X 600(V)
Viewing Angle

U/ D: 85°,  R/L: 85°

DVR Operating SytemRTOS
Recording Resolution1280 X 720P

650 cd/m²

Pedestrian and Vehicle Detection
support alerting and alarming after pedestrians and non-motor vehicles in the three-way pictures of left, right, and rear approach the area.
Area Alarming Calibration
customize the alert area
Display Modesupport single-screen/quad-screen display
Video Signal Inputsupport 4-channel AHD 720PVideo Signal Input
DVR Storage
TF card ( max 256G)
Video FormatH.264 TS format
Operating Temperature-20℃~+70℃
Storage Temperature-30℃~+80℃
Operating VoltageDC11-32V
HD CameraAHD 720P
Effective Pixels1280(H) X 960(V)
The Lowest Illumination0LUX(with built-in infrared light on)
automatically switch between daytime and night mode
Visible Angle130°
Waterproof Grade
Anti-vibration GradeGB∕T 2423.56-2018 standard (random 机5G vibration) 
Operating Temperature-20℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature-30℃~+70℃
Operating VoltageDC12V