All Employees of Veise Company Went to Xunliaowan and Shuangyuewan for a Tour

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To enrich the spare time of employees, help everyone relax fully after intense work, promote communication and exchanges among employees, and strengthen the construction of corporate culture, Veise organized all employees to participate in a two-day tour to Xunliaowan and Shuangyuewan in Huizhou on August 4th to August 5th. This tour is a combination of sightseeing, leisure, and entertainment. Xunliaowan is one of the cleanest bays along the hundreds of kilometers of coastline in eastern Guangdong. In addition to the clean beach, the soft, fine, and white sand on the beach contains up to 99% silicon. When playing on the beach of Xunliaowan, remember to take off your shoes and let your feet enjoy the friction with the fine sand. When you come to Xunliaowan, you can run and chase on the beach, get close to the sea, pick up shells, draw on the beach with a stick, or run wild on the beach and fly kites. There are plenty of exciting marine sports to keep you entertained: banana boats, canoes, luxury yachts, speedboats, motorboats... Xunliaowan has precious underwater coral resources in China. Take a yacht to reach Coral Island, put on your diving gear, and under the guidance of an instructor, you can safely go scuba diving. Due to the moderate waves, tourists can also go fishing at sea on a fishing boat or large wooden boat with their families. During the fishing trip, the boat will pass by many small islands, giving you a glimpse of the beautiful scenery of Xunliaowan. There are many attractions to explore, including a luxurious yacht club, the "Financial Street" Azimu luxury yacht ready to set sail; a colorful marine park, where the myth of "Atlantis" never ends; a "green Great Wall on the sea" - mangroves, the famous Fengchi Island, the erosion-resistant and legendary Mozzi Stone, and the peaceful coastal rural scenery.