VEISE - Participate in Fire Drills, Reinforce Safety Awareness, and Improve Emergency Response Capabilities

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Purpose of the Activity

"It's dry, be aware of fire!" As the weather gets colder, the air also becomes drier, and the risk of fire increases. In order to better protect the lives of employees and the property of the company, we have decided to organize a full-scale fire drill for all staff. Through practical exercises, employees will understand the dangers of fire, learn fire safety knowledge, and improve their ability to respond to fires.

Laerning the Hazzards of Fires

01 All staff attend fire safety lectures.

Before the drill began, we invited a fire instructor to give a safety lecture to all the employees of the company. The lecture covered basic knowledge such as the hazards of fires, fire prevention, the use of fire extinguishers, gas masks, and fire hydrants. Through the lecture, the employees had a deeper understanding of fire safety.



02 Learn the correct usage of fire fighting equipment.

Then we move on to the stage of learning about fire-fighting equipment. In the face of a fire, please do not panic. Correctly learning to use fire-fighting equipment can nip the fire hazard in the bud in a timely manner!


Our employees separately learned the correct usage methods of fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, and gas masks, and deepened their familiarity with fire-fighting equipment.



03 Practical drill of fire safety

The harm of fire to people is comprehensive, and there are four main harmful factors: oxygen deficiency, high temperature, toxic gases, and dust hazards.

After the lecture, we conducted a practical drill. The employees evacuated to the designated safe area in an orderly manner according to the pre-divided groups.


In the safe area, the firefighters demonstrated how to use the fire extinguisher correctly. The employees also came forward to try, operate the fire extinguisher on the spot, and deepen their impression of the use of the fire extinguisher.


Life is invaluable, and fire prevention weighs more than Mount Tai. This fire drill has achieved a successful conclusion, with the employees actively participating and earnestly learning fire safety knowledge. Through this drill, everyone has a profound understanding of the significance of fire safety.

As employees of the enterprise, we should keep in mind the knowledge of fire safety and never take chances. Only by doing a good job of prevention can we ensure the safety of life and property. Let us join hands and work together to build a safe and harmonious working environment!

Knowledge of fire safety in the dormitory.

1. It is forbidden to pull power lines in the dormitory without authorization.

2. It is forbidden to keep flammable and explosive materials in the room.

3. It is prohibited to smoke in bed or throw away kindling. 

4. The use of electric heating appliances and high-power appliances in violation of regulations is strictly prohibited.