International Standard for Warning Lights of Motor Vehicles in Europe ECE R65

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ECE R65 certification is the certification system implemented by the Economic Commission of Europe for the export of warning lights to the markets of its member states. According to the ECE Regulation requirements of the Technical Standards of the Economic Commission of Europe (ECE), vehicle components or products exported or matched with the whole vehicle to the markets of its member states need to pass the E-mark certification and engrave the corresponding certification mark on the product, otherwise, there is a risk of being seized by customs or being punished by the market regulatory authorities in the export location. Since the certification standard for warning lights corresponding to E-mark certification is ECE R65, sometimes the E-mark certification of warning lights is also called ECE R65 certification. The ECE Regulation No. 65 (ECE R65) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe requires that motor vehicle warning lights be tested under strict laboratory conditions. Once approved, a certificate will be obtained. The "E" mark must also be clearly displayed on the product. All warning lights have been tested and meet the requirements for set colors, light dispersion, and flashing frequency. And the heat resistance, water resistance, and cold start of the warning light have also been measured. Standards for light intensity dispersion of warning lights:

Frequency standard of warning lights:2 Hz ≤F ≤ 4 Hz

Standards for the color temperature of amber warning lights: y ≤ x - 0.120 y ≥ 0.390 y ≥ 0.790 - 0.670x Our company's on-board warning lights have passed the professional testing of a qualified third party and meet the ECE R65/10 quality standards, and are certified accordingly.