E-MARK Accreditation

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E-Mark, also known as the European Common Market, requires that automotive and locomotive products, as well as safety accessories such as noise and exhaust gas, must comply with the regulations of the European Union Directives [EEC Directives] and the Regulations of the Economic Commission for Europe [ECE Regulation]. Only by passing the product compliance certification requirements can a certificate of compliance be awarded to ensure the safety of driving and the requirements of environmental protection. Since October 2002, in accordance with the requirements of the EU Directive 72/245/EEC and the amended Directive 95/54/EC, any automotive electronic and electrical products entering the EU market for sale must pass the e-Mark related test certification, label the e-mark, and the customs of each EU country will allow them to enter the local market.

Scope of Applicable Products

Complete vehicles - that is, two- or three-wheeled motorized transportation vehicles, such as passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, and vehicles outside the road.

Automotive and locomotive components - lights and bulbs, various mirrors, tires, wheels, brakes, horns, anti-theft devices, seat belts, automotive glass, and exhaust pipes, etc.

Automotive and locomotive parts - helmets, child safety seats, in-vehicle accessory electrical products, etc.

E-mark Test Items

1. Electromagnetic radiation (30MHz - 1000MHz) The limit value required for narrow and wide bands

2. Transient pulse voltage (load dump pulse voltage) emission

3. Transient electromagnetic immunity (Pulse 1, Pulse 2a, Pulse 2b, Pulse 3a, Pulse 3b, Pulse 4)

4. High-current injection (20-200MHz, 60mA)

5. Free field (ambient acceptance voltage response test; 200-2000MHz, 30V/m)

Our company's onboard cameras, onboard displays, onboard wireless rearview systems, onboard warning lights, and other products have passed the third-party quality standard testing of the E-mark qualification and were awarded certificates.