VEISE- "Warm Winter with Double Festivals, New Year Blooms": Activities of Double Festivals

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HAPPY NEW YEAR Veise Bi-Festival Activities

A new beginning leads to a new outlook for all.

In a trance, it came to the last month of 2023! Looking back on the upcoming past year 2023, we have completed the set goals with unremitting efforts and perseverance, steadily advancing each plan. 

From the sowing of spring to the harvest of autumn, we have been moving forward, making the pace of development more solid and the results more significant. Each piece of work condenses our sweat and wisdom to make 2023 shine.

Warm Winter with Double Festivals, New Year Blooms!

With the advent of Christmas, the New Year 's Day bell is about to ring. In order to thank everyone for their hard work in the past year, the company organized a wonderful two-day event! Here, we have prepared a variety of interesting games and exquisite gifts for each person, allowing everyone to welcome the new year in a joyful atmosphere.

Eggshell Chess Game

Each person has a chance to throw a table tennis ball to the board. If three balls are connected in a line, that person can be awarded a prize voucher.

Snack Loops

Each person has 3 hoops. Stand outside the specified line and throw the hoops at the target. If you manage to trap the target snacks, you can take them home, allowing you to satisfy your cravings in one go!

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Certainly, the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors can't be missing! We will adopt the elimination system,and the employees who win each round will have the chance to draw rich prizes. Remember to use your winning gestures and let us compete in the game!

Veise Electronics

Well. Our double-festivals event has come to a successful end. 2023 is coming to an end! 

Looking back at 2023, all the employees of Veise Electronics irrigated their dreams with sweat and interpreted their responsibilities with effort. With hard work and courage to fight, they have played the prorgressive movement to accelerate high-quality development! 

Looking forward to 2024, all employees of Veise Electronics are determined to move forward bravely. With a more high-spirited and struggling attitude, they will write a new chapter in the development of Veise Electronics and create a more advanced vehicle monitoring system solution! At the same time, I wish you good luck in the Year of the Dragon!