VEISE Was Rated as "Key Enterprise in Shiling Town"

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To optimize the business environment, promote the sustainable and high-quality development of the regional economy in Shiling Town, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure, and build a diversified development pattern, the Party Committee and government of Shiling Town formulated and implemented the "Interim Regulations on the Classification Service and Management of Enterprises in Shiling Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou City". Based on the indicators such as the scale of enterprise operation, taxation, honest operation, innovative development, safety in production, environmental protection, financial risk, and credit index, it evaluates the "leading enterprises" and "key enterprises" in the industrial, commercial and trade service industries, and real estate industry in Shiling Town.

Guangzhou Veise was rated as "Key Enterprise in Shiling Town, the Capital of Leather Goods in China" by the People's Government of Shiling Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou. Currently, the overall economic situation in Shiling Town is generally improving continuously, with both challenges and opportunities. However, it also faces significant development opportunities, especially by relying on the national development strategy of the Greater Bay Area and the implementation plan of the urban-rural integrated development pilot area (Guang-Qing Area). Combining with the existing national strategic platforms such as the green finance reform and innovation pilot area and the pilot of the market procurement trade mode, Shiling will continue to vigorously promote key projects such as the fashion intelligent manufacturing industrial park and the characteristic town, give full play to the advantages of the industrial cluster, and the development prospects are still promising.