The Era of "thermal imaging" is Coming, Unlocking a New Experience of Onboard Intelligent Driving

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It is believed that the vast majority of engineering vehicles have experienced nighttime operations! When night falls, the visual acuity of the human eye will weaken with the dark environment, and it is impossible to judge potential dangers in the operation. When we drive a car on the highway, we often encounter rainy and foggy weather and the high beams of oncoming vehicles, and our sight is greatly blocked. Drivers usually choose to slow down to avoid traffic accidents. Mining machinery operations are a good example. Not only do mining trucks operate in an environment filled with dust, but they also frequently enter dark mines for mining operations. Without the assistance of monitoring technology, not only are they unaware of obstacles ahead, but more frightening, it can cause casualties and bear the risk of huge compensation!


Recently, Veise Electronics has developed and launched a vehicle-mounted infrared thermal imaging dual-spectrum AI camera, which aims to solve the dangers encountered by construction machinery in harsh weather operations, thus assisting drivers in more accurately judging distance, speed, and direction. This not only increases operating efficiency but also effectively ensures driving safety!

NO.1 Dual approach of infrared light and visible light


Vehicle-mounted infrared thermal imaging dual-spectrum AI cameras integrate infrared and visible light cameras. Even in situations where the road conditions are not clear due to dust, fog, strong light, or at night, it can form clear images based on temperature differences, and complement and intelligently detect vehicles and pedestrians and issue warning prompts. It provides a more comprehensive view, ensuring that drivers can better judge critical situations in rain, fog, dust, and dark environments.

NO.2 Easily resist haze and strong light.


The combination of the two cameras can be described as a powerful alliance! The resolution of the infrared thermal imaging is 384288, and the resolution of the visible light reaches 19201080. Whether in the dusty mine or in the face of high beams encountered during driving, it can be easily solved, bringing drivers a new smart driving experience.

NO.3 AI Intelligent Detection of Pedestrians/Vehicles



In addition to being able to withstand various harsh environments, it can also AI-intelligently detect nearby pedestrians, road vehicles, and animals. It solves various safety hazards that may occur in mining truck operations, agricultural machinery nighttime operations, RV camping, etc., and achieves the ultimate in monitoring safety assistance, providing strong safety guarantees for intelligent driving!

NO.4 Dual-light images, super-strong waterproof


Realize dual-light screen display, thermal imaging display, and full-color high-definition images for 24-hour real-time monitoring of road conditions. Support single-screen and dual-screen switching. The excellent waterproof performance of the camera outperforms all pseudo-waterproof cameras on the market. It has been tested by an IP69K waterproof and anti-fog detector. It has a strong ability to deal with rain and fog weather and dust and haze weather

NO.5 Super strong resistance to high and low temperatures, stable and reliable.



Industrial-grade thermal imaging temperature measurement module, which can work in an environment of -40 degrees Celsius to +80 degrees Celsius, with built-in automatic heating function. Fearless of all harsh weather, super stability.

NO.6 Practical Application Scenarios






It is suitable for working environments such as large mining machinery, agricultural machinery, RV camping, and haze and dust weather.