Veise Company was Rated as "Advanced Enterprise in the Non-Public Economy Sector" by Hengdong County

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While creating profits and assuming legal responsibilities to shareholders and employees, Veise also needs to take on responsibilities to consumers, communities, and the environment. Corporate social responsibility requires companies to go beyond the traditional concept of profit as the sole goal and emphasize the value of human beings in the production process, as well as the contribution to the environment, consumers, and society.

Over the years, Mr. Yan Yongping, the chairman of Veise, has insisted on making multiple public welfare donations for national earthquake relief, helping the disadvantaged, and the construction of rural roads in his hometown. He has been rated as the "Advanced Enterprise" in supporting rural revitalization in the non-public economy sector in Hengdong County in 2020 by the United Front Work Department, the Propaganda Department, the Charity Federation, and the Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the Poverty Alleviation Office.

It was also rated as the "Advanced Enterprise" for mutual assistance in poverty alleviation and building a well-off society in the 2019 National Poverty Alleviation Day.