Veise Company Has Been Rated as A-Level in Tax Credit for Many Years

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Tax credit rating refers to the rating assigned by the tax authority based on the taxpayers' fulfillment of their tax obligations, for the taxpayers' tax credit within a certain period. Guangzhou Veise Electronics Co., Ltd. has been rated as Class A in tax credit by the Guangzhou Municipal Tax Service for many years. The honor that Veise Company can receive also represents the high recognition and affirmation of our company by the national tax authority in terms of lawfully and honestly paying taxes, timely declaring tax management work, promptly paying taxes, standardized financial accounting, actively learning, and practicing relevant tax laws and regulations, and maintaining good communication with the tax authorities. Since its inception, our company has insisted on honest business operations, valued credit and reputation, promptly paid various taxes and fees, achieved law-abiding operations and tax payment in accordance with the law, made outstanding contributions to the local economic development, and achieved good economic and social benefits. It has been recognized by tax authorities at all levels in the province many times.