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5-inch Wireless Video System

Vision Solutions 1:5-inch Wireless Video System

Wireless Monitor
5-inch digital screen monitor built-in 2.4GHz digital wireless video signal receiver
Multi-frequency hopping frequency automatic code matching, good anti-channeling interference, open transmission distance 100 meters
Automotive industrial grade -40°~85° digital video processor
The bracket is made of anti-rust metal material, U-shaped + bilateral fastening anti-seismic design
800RGBX480 resolution and 400cd/㎡ high brightness image is clear
Load dump pulse voltage DC24V+174V (350ms) designed to protect the vehicle from transient pulse damage
DC8~32V wide range working voltage
Wireless waterproof camera
2.4GHz digital wireless camera
Automotive industry grade DSP
Built-in wireless transmitter, heat-dissipating aluminum alloy case
Nitrogen filling, anti-fogging, waterproof IP69K