Municipal Vehicles

7-inch HD Waterproof Car Monitor System

Vision Solutions 1:7-inch HD Waterproof Car Monitor System

1080P waterproof IP68 monitor supports local recording, preview and playback, supports abnormal power failure protection function, reduces data loss
Four-screen DVR display built-in TF card storage, maximum support 512G, loop recording, automatic coverage, external USB interface data import and export
Four-screen DVR display supports 12 screen display modes/graphical OSD menu supports single-channel screen left and right flips, reversing ruler, reversing trigger, reversing delay and other functions
The display has a built-in under-voltage and high-voltage protection circuit, anti-load-dump pulse voltage DC14+87V (Td400mS), wide-range working voltage DC11-32V
The 1080P waterproof and anti-fog camera has a built-in infrared light-emitting tube to meet the night vision function. The waterproof level is IP69K, and the seismic level is 10G.
It is widely used in the visual aided monitoring of the operation of special vehicles such as agricultural machinery and equipment, hoistway mining vehicles, etc.