VEISE 2015 Annual Summary Ceremony

  • Release time:2016-02-03

2015 year-end summary and grand ceremony

Time and tide wait for those who help themselves.

A hundred boats compete, a thousand sails compete.

The person in charge of the design and development department of the company reported the product development tasks completed in 

the year and the product design and development plan for the next year

The head of the sales department reported the annual sales target and the sales plan for the next year.

The person in charge of quality department reported the annual quality control management index and the next years quality management index

The person in charge of the production department reported the annual production delivery guarantee, procurement cost control, warehousing FIFO 

and other management processes and the next year needs management goals

Yan Yongping, general manager of the company, announced the annual list of outstanding 

employees and awarded certificates and bonuses.

After the meeting, the management staff of the company organized all the staff to carry out the material lottery activities.

We walked through the unforgettable 2015 together. Looking forward to 2016, we welcome together.

In the New Year, we will continue to forge ahead, brave the wind and waves, and make further achievements!