Veise participated in the 2017 Guangzhou International Auto Parts Exhibition

  • Release time:2017-09-17
Guangzhou International Auto Parts & Aftermarket Exhibition (AAG) is rooted in the south China market, covering auto parts, repair and maintenance, supplies and modification of three automotive industry sectors, involving the entire automotive aftermarket chain. The exhibition has welcomed domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers, large domestic and foreign auto parts dealers (parts and components, supplies and modification, repair and maintenance), agents, distributors, dealers, wholesalers, retailers, service suppliers (repair factory, 4S shop, quick repair station, Maintenance centers, modification plants, refueling stations), private and public fleets, chambers of commerce, government agencies, publishers, research institutes, colleges and universities and other professionals to observe.

Guangzhou Veise Electronics Co., LTD. 2.4GHz vehicular wireless rear-view system has multiple frequency points, long distance, high definition, no wiring, and a variety of widely used vehicle safety video surveillance, which has been recognized by the majority of exhibitors.