Successful development of HD vehicle display

  • Release time:2019-01-20

7-inch high definition IPS display supports 2-channel video input

Industrial grade of vehicle specification - 40 ° to 85 ° digital video processor

OSD menu sets the image and positive image, delay time and dual trigger priority application functions of each display screen

Independent design appearance patent, the shell is made of ABS + PC material, with high temperature resistance and other characteristics

Detachable sunshade cap prevents sunlight from affecting the display effect

The bracket is made of antirust metal, U-shaped and double-sided fastening, anti-seismic design

1024rgbx600 high resolution and 600cd / ㎡ high brightness, clear image

Design of load throwing pulse voltage DC24 V + 174 V (350 ms) to protect vehicle from transient pulse damage

Independent power supply adopts energy saving and low power consumption, low temperature circuit stability design

Dc11 ~ 32V wide range working voltage

Built in external power polarity reverse protection, led thermal response constant current constant voltage protection, service life circuit design